Automatic Vertical Autoclave

Automatic vertical autoclaves are specially designed for medical clinical bacterogical & research laboratories Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer Plant, Breweries soft Drink mfg. etc.
• Reliable convinient method of steam sterllization.
• Inner Chamber made up of thick S.S
• Outer Chamber made up of M.S / S.S. Immersion type heater should be provided. Lid is made up of S.S and die pressed.
• It is equipped with pressure gauge, steam realese valve and safety valves.
• This instruments supplied with Aluminium / S.S Basket.
• Pressure controls by spring valves.
• It is used for sterllization under working steam pressure upto 15 PSI.
• Fitted with silicon rubber gasket jointless, to work on 230 volts A./C. only.


Optional Accessories
• Foot lifting arrangement.
• Digital Temprature indicator cum Controller.
• Water Level indicator.
• Auto Cut Off. 

Size available Capacity in Ltr.
25*45 cm 22
30*50 cm 35
35*55 cm 52
45*60 cm 95
55*75 cm 175

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