Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace

• It is light weight and fast heating equipment.
• Most useful for Ashing, Fasions, Igniting and heat treating of small parts in chemical, industria fields, colleges.
• Out side body made up heavy gauge M.S / G.I duly powder coated Inner muffle with high Temp. Insulating material.
• Maximum temperatures 1000 degree c / 1200 degree c & working temperature 930 degree c / 1130 degree c.
• Temp. controlled by Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator.
• Heating elements made up of kanthal wire would extremely on the muffle.
• Control panel fitted on top of the units with indicating Lamps & Switches.
• A Uniform heat distribution through all 4 side with kenthal wire.
• A special solid state silver fuse for protection to elements in case of over heating.
• Operates on 230 Volts A.C only.
• Various Sizes available.

Size Ratting watts
(1000 degree c)
Ratting watts
(1200 degree c)
(9" X4" X4") 23*10*10 Cm 1500 2000
(10" X5" X5") 25*13*13 Cm 2000 2500
(12" X6" X6") 30*15*15 Cm 3300 3500
(18" X9" X9") 45*23*23 Cm 6000 7000

Melting Points Apparatus

It is usable to estimate the Melting Points of chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Etc.
This is very useful to determine the melting point of any substance.
Max Temp. upto 350 degree c. Consist with aluminium cylindrical block of heating. Radial holes admits a thermometer and glass capillary.
Temp. controlled by energy regulator.
Regulator fitted to the unit and with high, low heat switch.

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