Filter Holder

Filter Holder

These holders for vacuum filtration accept 47 mm diameter filters. the filter support is stainless steel screen

The ring allows autoclaving with a filter in position without stick age of the filter to the support, and also protects from breakage. it has a rim around the upper edge to simplify the positioning of the funnel and to avoid displacement of the filter. And a silicon O-Ring in the avoid

The screen fits between top and base part, and the whole is held together with a practical hand clamp.

The holders are supplied with a silicone lid, but without a bored stopper to fit them onto a suction Flask. Such a stopper must be additionally ordered according to the diameter required. When large numbers of samples are to tested, three or six holders can be used simultaneously buy fitting them on to manifolds.

• Microbiological quality control, e .g testing of water, soft drink, beer and wine.
• Collection of particles for analysis, e. g. for the gravimetric determination of forging solid material in lubricating oils acc. to DIN 51592, and the microscopy of particles in infusion solutions to determine their origin
• Clarifying or ultra cleaning of liquid


• Material: Stainless steel 316 Quality
• Filter support : stainless steel screen
• Sealing : silicon O –ring
• Funnel Cap : 250 Ml
• Filter diameter required: Membrane filter, 47 mm prefilter, 47mm
• Filtration area : 12.5 cm2
• Maximum operating pressure : Vacuum Only.
• Sterilization : Autoclaving (max.121 °C )

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