Fully Automatic Autoclave

Stability Cooling Chambers

Designed to provide complete, efficient sterillization at low cost, these compact sterilizers are ideal for steam sterillization of labware, wrapped or unwrapped dressing, liquid media and similar application.

Standard Features and specification

• Outer Body of SS mirror finish, inner body SS LM 304. Lid of thick SS designed to withstand pressure up to 30 PSI, operating pressure 15-22 PSI, factory set at 15 PSI.
• Fitted with Pressure gauge, safety valve, steam release valve.
• Additional safety with extra steam realese valve & safety temp controller.
• Digital temperature controller / indicator to control temperature / pressure with temp indication. Factory set for 121C (15 PSI) with build in digital adjustable timer with auto cut off.
• Foot lifting arrangement (18"*24*& 22"*30" only)
• electrically operated on 230V / 50HZ

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