Laboratory Bacterogical Incubator

Our range of laboratory bacteriological incubators are available in different size from 35 Liters to 1000 Liters. These laboratory bacteriological incubators are based on latest Technology & are available in compact sizes. We used High grade M.S. Sheet & S. S. sheet for the manufacturing Process Ensuring Optimum Efficiency & Performance Level.

• Incubators are Sturdy Double walled Unit.
• Inner chamber made of S.S.304 & outer chamber made of M. S. powder coated.
• Gap between the two walled filled with glass wool insulation to avoid heat loses.
• Heating element is made of high grade chrome plate nichrome wire.
• Temp is controlled by thermostat.
• Temp. Range 5 °C above ambient 60 °C accuracy ± 2 °C

• Air Ventilation is provided on the top of the unit to remove the hot gases/Fumes.
• In lab type incubator heaters are placed in the bottom side of the Unit
• All the control switches & Pilot lamps are fitted on the front panel.
• Tray should be supplied with G.I. ware Mesh.

Optional Accessories:
• Digital Temp. Controller cum indicator in Live of thermostat with Accuracy ± 0.5 °C
• Air circulation Fan for Uniform Temp
• Digital Timer
• S. S. Wire mesh jail

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